Stereo Ear Goggles

stereo ear goggles

Finally an answer to the problem of wind noise when you ride your bike, as well as 

a way to listen to your favorite tunes at the same time. All of us that ride know what a distraction and how tiring 'wind noise' is even with a top quality helmet. Ear plugs work well but singing to ones self gets old quick! From the music industry I found this product I call "Ear Goggles". What do goggles do for your eyes? Protect them and allow you to see better. "Ear Goggles" do the same for your ears. They protect your ears from loud noises and eliminate the 'white' wind noise so you can actually hear surrounding sounds (traffic, engine, emergency vehicles, ect.) better. In-helmet speakers, regular headphones or ear buds must be turned up so loud to be heard over wind noise that possible hearing damage can result. "Ear Goggles" are custom molded In-Ear Phones that have a special transducer that produces crystal clear sound. The frequency response is an amazing 20HZ ~ 20kHZ! I ride a GTS-1000 Yamaha and have tested these "Ear Goggles" on the way back from Daytona to Auburn, Alabama and they make a long trip very much more enjoyable. I can even suggest how to wire your radar detector into your Walkman, Disc man, intercom so a constant vigil can be maintained while enjoying whatever sound you prefer. Please call or E-Mail for more details as to fitment ect.
The price of the "Ear Goggles" is less than $175.00! They truly must be heard to be believed.